Smells Like (2012)

A Work by Peter Buczkowski.
A Contribution to the Course Temporäre Räume

We find temporary spaces in many places of our lives. But we constantly seek to escape in them. For instance, while we listen to music through our headphones, we stimulate our sense of hearing to a degree that we remain only physically present in our environment.

Among the five senses, the sense of smell might be the most interesting one. Oftentimes we can only describe odors by comparing them to situations or a places we have experienced before. We lack a straight vocabulary like we have for example for colors. On the other hand many memories and emotional situations are associated with odors. For example, we remember how it smelled at our grandparents house, or which perfume we applied on the first date.

The neglected sense of smell is addressed in this project; essentially an analog-low-tech MP3-player for the sense of smell. It consists of two devices: a press and a playback-mask. The press allows for the creation pellets of personal odors, while the masks replays the captured smells at a later time.

Selected for ‘Output Award 2012‘.