The Aesthetics of Generative Design

The Aesthetics of Generative Design is a workshop we gave in february 2011 at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.

Software is omnipresent. Every computer is driven by software. Software is composed of algorithms, sets of rules, that describe processes. Algorithms are a way for humans to negotiate with machines, a strange and beautiful communication. In recent years, designers have become increasingly interested in this algorithmic approach. They have transformed software into a new material to design with. ‘Generative Design’ emerged. In this 2-week workshop the students were concerned with the implications, the potential and aesthetics of Generative Design. They conceived a series of works ranging from computer-generated posters to interactive objects and installations, to concepts commenting on software itself. In this exhibition, we shed a little bit of light on the strange and beautiful world of algorithmic design.

The Emergent
The Many
The Mnemonic
The Parametric
The Precise
The Procedural
The Responsive

Some photographs were taken by Yufan Wang and some by Chris Bierbower.

Video documentations made by the students themselves

List of all Student Works in this Course