NMI-002 An Instrument for the Sonification of Everyday Things (2012)

The surfaces of everyday objects are scanned and transformed into audible frequencies.

Playing the Instrument is a mixture of practice, anticipation, and serendipity.

A variety of everyday objects can be mounted into the instrument.

The instrument was built from aluminum tubes, white POM, black acrylic glass, a high precision distance measuring laser ( with the kind support of Micro-Epsilon ), a stepper motor, and a few bits and bobs.

A translator and controller module transforms the measured distance values into audible frequencies, notes, and scales. It also controlls the stepper-motor’s speed.

A web-based simulator of the instrument.

A Lego prototype of the frame construction.

Exhibited at

* alt_cph 2014 ( in collaboration with Science Friction )
* KIKK festival 2014
* Nuit Numerique #13 [1] [2] Saint-Ex, Reims